November 2014 Newsletter

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Ausblick Ski Club, November 2014

The Holidays are rapidly approaching, temperatures continue to fall and the leaves are nearly all on the ground.  All reminders of the 2014-15 ski season that will be here before we realize it.

Welcome  to the new Families and Members who have joined Ausblick this season.  General Manager Dennis Evinrude and his staff have been diligently working to insure our facility is ready to go at the first opportunity to kick off the season for our Membership.  However, it’s important to remind everyone that while commercial operations open as soon as possible, we at Ausblick take the time necessary to insure we have a sufficient base to carry us through unexpected weather conditions that may impact our ability to maintain our outstanding conditions for Membership.  We can only hope for a solid week of continuous cold weather in early December to afford us opening well before Christmas week.

New Member Orientations have been scheduled for Sunday November 9th (1-3PM) and Wednesday November 19th (6:30-8:30PM). All new Members are required to attend, notification should have been sent out asking everyone to register for one of the dates.

As a reminder to everyone, we require some paperwork and information to be updated annually. Dennis has implemented a way for you to accomplish this electronically, greatly improving the process. Watch for more information in his update further in the Newsletter.

We have a new Ski School Director this season. Lynn has a diversified background and I’m confident she’ll continue Ausblick’s tradition of providing the highest quality of service to our Membership.  As the season kicks off, please stop by, introduce yourself and welcome her to our family at Ausblick. Lynn also has a message further within this Newsletter.

Our annual Ski Sale was recently held in near perfect weather. Our Board hopes you may have had the opportunity to stop by and take advantage of this great event. This year we turned over $23,610.’s work of equipment and clothing in less than two hours. We continue to refine the program through helpful suggestions of the many volunteers that give their time and energy to make this event successful annually.  My sincere appreciation to all those involved in the planning and execution of the event, and also all those who stopped by to shop the sale.  It’s always great to see all the renewed friendships as we approach the new ski season.

We’ll be closing Membership soon and directories will be going to print shortly afterwards. Now would be the time to contact Vivian Clark or Dennis via e-mail and update any information that may have changed since last season.  It’s also important to understand that our primary way of communication with Membership is via e-mail.  Please insure our correspondence isn’t directed to a spam folder if possible.  You might miss important information regarding social events, etc.

One last reminder, as we approach opening day I’d like to suggest watching the Ausblick Website for the most current information. Dennis will update the site as progress is made. For those visual members, the Web Cam is worth checking out.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.  Go Pack!

Bob Turowski, President


Greetings Members Old and New,

President Bob alluded to something we are very excited to be rolling out. For years we have had the daunting task of trying to keep the Member and Guest releases stored and up to date. Aside from the fact that we accumulate a lot of paper for storage we have found it difficult to always get all signatures for every family. We have implemented a new electronic system called EZWaiver. Any member or guest will be able to execute a release on any Computer, Hand held, or Mobile device from anywhere. All new members Orientating on November 9th will be sent a link before November 8th. The rest of the new members will be sent the link before their November 19th orientation. The general membership will get the link before Thanksgiving. The link will also become accessible by clicking on “Guest Waiver” on the home page of our Web site ( The beginning of the process is the same whether you are a guest or a member. The goal is to enable you to process your season or guest waiver before you ever get to the registration counter to secure your season photo ID or a guest ticket. I look forward to working with you during this conversion to a “streamlined” process.

We have not undertaken any expensive projects this year in the interest of building up our capital investment reserves but have made some changes here and there. The parking lot has been resealed and restriped and the plow we used to clear it is new for this season. We have also purchased another 30 chairs for the lodge to help us cope with those few busy days we have every season.

Our new Ski School Director sent out a survey earlier this year which I want to thank you for participating in. The responses have helped her shape the offerings for this season. The rest is in her report. When arriving at the hill for the first time this season please take the time to stop and introduce yourself to her.

In closing I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing all of my “Ausblick” family soon.

Dennis Evinrude-General Manager


Ausblick Ski/Ride School

 New Ski/Ride School Director

We are pleased to announce that long-time ski professional Lynn Mallach has accepted the position as Ski/Ride School Director. Lynn brings a wealth of experience to Ausblick, dating back to the mid 1980s, when she was the Ski Patrol Director at Olympia Highlands.  Prior to coming here, she was the Ski/Ride Director and Group Sales Representative at Devil’s Head Resort.  Lynn is a certified Level III PSIA alpine instructor and AASI Level II snowboard instructor and has instructed at the Yellowstone Club in Montana, Snowbird in Utah and a number of hills here in the Midwest, including Ausblick.

2014-15 Season Program Listing

 Ausblick Ski/Ride School is excited to introduce the following programs for the 2014/2015 season. The programs were established based on the results of the recent member survey and other industry trends.  A detailed email will be sent out soon with details, pricing and dates.

Private Lessons

Whether you are new to skiing and snowboarding or are a seasoned veteran looking to improve on advanced techniques and/or terrain park skiing and riding, private lessons from the Ausblick & Snowboard School instructors will take your abilities to the next level. Instructors are hand-selected to match each individual student and provide highly customized and personalized coaching and instruction.

Youth Programs

Friday Night Group

Designed for kids who can ride the lift — ages 7+ (skiers and riders).  Groups are small and  organized by ability.  Starts Friday January 9th and ends with a graduation party on February 6th!   Members only event.


Our specially-trained staff will engage your child in a world of wonder and fun. Groups of four or less utilize our unique indoor and outdoor resources to help each child learn to ski and explore the area on their own terms. Children from ages 3-6 years old are eligible.

Terrain Clinic

If you’ve ever wished you could pull off some of rad moves and safely land the big air that looks so impressive in the terrain park, this clinic is for you!  Riders and skiers must be able to ride the lift, have basic skiing and riding ability and 7 years old and above.. There will be a beginner clinic and advanced clinic for four Saturdays starting January 17th and ending February 7th.

Adult Programs
Wednesday Night Clinics and Workshops

Wednesday night clinics will be offered this year for adults and will include learn to turn, and advanced skiing and riding techniques. Two sessions will be offered, Session 1 starts January 7th and ends January 28th, Session 2 starts February 4th and ends February 25th. Race workshops will be hosted twice this season and include race etiquette, explanation of courses, gate training and friendly head-to head competition. Open to skiers and snowboarders.  

Watch for news about Special Women’s Day and Men’s Day Workshops, and a Spring Western Trip to Big Sky, Montana!

 Lesson rates remain the same as last year. Please stop at the ski school desk and pick up the brochure with complete information.

We recommend you call ahead to reserve a place in the lesson or clinic you are interested in.  There is limited availability. Every effort will be made to place you with your favorite instructor.

To make a reservation please contact:

Lynn Mallach Ski/Ride Director

Ski School Office: 262-820-3616 (Staffed Saturday-Sunday 9:30 am -3:30 pm).  You can also leave a detailed message with contact information.


Ausblick Newsletter March 2014

AUSBLICK       Newsletter

March       2014

President’s Message


As we begin our final month of the       2013/14 ski season, I believe it is important to remind everyone that our       operational hours are adjusted as our member and guests visits decrease.       Schedule adjustments generally take place after mid-March, or as weather       may dictate. Please refer to the schedule within your directory or       accessible via the Season Calendar link directly on our website. And as       always, you can verify we are open by calling the office 262-246-3090 or       checking our website for Dennis’ daily message.


The last scheduled “Event”       of the season is our St. Pat’s Deck Party, Sunday March 16th. Last       season’s pictures can be found on the website at Click on       the Photos drop-down menu, 2012-2013/St. Patrick’s Day 2013. Two seasons       ago we skied in 81 degree weather, last year’s party wasn’t as warm, yet       made for a great party still. Will the “luck of the Ausblick       Irish” continue??? Stop on by and find out first hand. There will be       food and beverage available, for as long as it lasts.


As we wind down the 2013-14 season,       it is important to acknowledge the awesome support our Ski School and Ski       Patrol have provided for our Membership and Guests. Our Ski School, under       the Leadership of Jim Polaski for the past twelve years, has been the       foundation for many of our Members and Guests in their instruction of       skiing and snowboarding. From first timers to those simply hoping to       improve their skills, Jim and his staff have insured Ausblick is able to       provide the skills training Members and Guests rely upon. Our Ski School       is one of the best in the State, please take the opportunity to thank Jim       and his staff as the season winds down.


I’d like to also Thank our Ski Patrol       for the outstanding job they’ve done throughout the season. For anyone       not aware of it, our Ski Patrol is comprised of Ausblick Members. Their       preseason training and re-certifications start months before the snow       hits the ground and it’s not uncommon to notice additional training       taking place on the hill shortly after we’re open for skiing.       Additionally, Ski Patrol has sponsored our January Men’s Day for the past       two years and as always, Hosts their Annual Ski Patrol Carnival which is       one of the social highlights of any season. I also would ask that words       of appreciation be extended to Patrol Representative Nick Rogne and his       staff as the season winds down.


And finally, save some of those kudos       for Dennis and his staff. Some are highly visible, many quietly go about       getting things done so our Members and Guests can enjoy the Ausblick       experience. Please offer them a few kind words over the remainder of our       ski season.


One final reminder, Ausblick will       remain open, although with a sensible modified schedule as crowds wind       down. And while we won’t be making snow again, grooming, tilling and most       other creative things will be done to reasonably extend our season, so       long as enough members are interested in coming out to ski and snowboard.       Sunday’s Deck Party is only the middle of March. It’s likely we have a       ways to go before we put the 2013/14 season behind us.


See you around the Club!

Bob Turowski,

President- Ausblick Ski Club








See       the attached Flyer for your last chance to purchase
Ausblick SWAG this season.

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January 2014 Newsletter

With the Holidays behind us, time for a bit of recovery and the “polar vortex” a cold memory, we’re finally settling into our typical ski season at Ausblick. Last Sunday was an incredible day at the ski club, with likely a record attendance for the season. Dennis sent out his early season “friendly reminders” last week in an e-blast, however there’s one item I’d like to add about  parking on very busy days, which is often at a premium.  I’d ask that families be conscious of the impact on parking availability if they decide to arrive separately, utilizing two or more spaces. Generally this doesn’t present a problem, however those sunny, ideal ski days on the weekend can present a problem for families arriving later in the morning or afternoon. Your co-operation would really be appreciated by those looking for parking.

Throughout the season Dennis receives a lot of e-mail sent to him for various reasons. He asked me to inform everyone that using the “CONTACT” section of the website (“” , main-page, upper right corner) is the fastest way to reach him. Correspondence finds its way directly to his cell phone.  And by the way, letters about what staff is doing right are always appreciated.

Moving on to Social Events; our January Men’s and Ladies Day events are scheduled with flyers posted on the website. Looking forward into February, Our Annual Ski Patrol Carnival is scheduled for Sunday the 9th., a Valentine’s Theme Night will be held on the 15th.(Adult Night), followed by our second Men’s and Ladies Day events towards the end of the month. Also, On Wednesday, February 19th, Lena and Tom will again provide music for Adult night.  Please watch for e-blasts and check in at the web-site for further information as it’s available. Thanks to Perrie Dralle and Tiffany Becker for pulling our social events together.

Ausblick has historically built our Membership Waiting list through Members bringing Guests  to share the experience. This process continues to serve our club well, however did you know we have a “referral program”?  If your family is responsible for a future member submitting an application, you’re entitled to a couple guest passes once your “friends” become members. It’s important to note your name must be on the application submitted for us to track and fulfill the program.  We’re you aware that future members can purchase a “Wednesday Evening only Membership” once their application is accepted? What better way to experience Ausblick while on the Waiting List and start making new friends on Wednesday Evenings. If you have questions, please contact Dennis Evinrude.

In closing, I’d like to Thank Dennis (General Mgr), Wes (Outside Operations), Megan (Front Desk Mgr) and all our Ausblick Staff, Ski School and Ski Patrol. The season came upon us quickly this year with an early opening date, however it also caught us scrambling to work a few issues out.  It’s nice to recognize that with a lot of effort by those involved, we’re “into the groove” now and off to what could be one of the best ski season’s in years. Will we be skiing in 81 degrees during the St. Pat’s Deck Party as we did two years ago?  Time will tell!

See you around Ausblick.

Bob Turowski

President, Ausblick Ski Club

Ausblick Ski Area

It is hard to believe that Christmas is only a week from today. With all the busyness preparing for the Holidays some of you may not know that Ausblick is open for the season.

Tonight will be our first Wednesday/Adult Night and we hope you will consider taking a break and enjoying the evening at Ausblick.

The message on the website and the answering machine will keep you up to date on any changes to the scheduled Holiday Hours.

ID and Release Form:
Please stop at the office to get your ID card for the year and sign the annual Release Form. To make the process quicker you can click on the link below to print the form and complete it ahead of time. Bring it to the office when you pick up your ID card.

Release Form 2013/2014  Happy Holidays!


New Member Orientation Newsletter – November 2013

Welcome to the Ausblick Ski Club.  Our ski season is rapidly approaching and as our way of insuring you and your Family become familiar with our club, rules and expectations; we require new members to attend a pre-season orientation.  Two  sessions are offered so that families can schedule accordingly. This season’s dates are: Sunday, December 1st (1-3pm) and Wednesday evening, December 4th. (6:30 – 8pm). Kid sitting will be available at both sessions.

After the information is delivered, you’ll have the opportunity to sign annual acknowledgements and have your Member I.D. card(s) issued in advance of the season start. Just think, no waiting in line at the front desk on your first visit out for the season!  Please note that an RSVP is required for the date you’ll be attending. Please contact Perrie Dralle at (414) 302-1825 to reserve your spot.

For additional Orientation Details, an Event Flyer can be viewed on our website at “”, or by contacting the ski club at 262-246-3090.

I look forward to meeting you at the orientation,

Bob Turowski
President – Ausblick Ski Club

Ausblick Ski Club Newsletter – November 2013

Thanksgivings only a week away, temperatures continue to fall and before we realize it, our 2013-14 ski season will be upon us. The purpose of this newsletter is simply to let you know Dennis, Wes and the staff continue to diligently work towards opening the club for our ski season. Weather obviously is a consideration, however Wes has tested out the snowmaking infrastructure during last week’s cold snap and it’s more a matter of the weather than anything else.

Our new website should be available upon your receiving this newsletter. We’re still located at “”, however our updated site should be easier to navigate and will provide a number of features we’ve not have in the past.  We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the new site, refer to if frequently and use it as your gateway to the club information. Unfortunately, the on-line event registration and payment feature, plus the Member log-in and related “restricted” access will not be available for awhile. We’ll continue to work on implementation of these features and report back to our membership as they become available. And as always, please click on the “Current Conditions” page for a camera view of the hill and information from Wes on the great ski/snowboarding conditions we provide for our members and guests. Continue reading

Ausblick Newsletter – October 2013

Fall has arrived, the temps are cooling down and Ausblick is actively involved in preseason activities. This newsletter is being sent via E-Blast (e-mail) and paper mail to insure the information reaches everyone.

As many of you are aware, Ausblick has been using electronic mail for a few years now. While it’s been a cost effective process, we’ve found through our data sources, that just over half of the e-mail addresses we send correspondence to are opening the documents. Furthermore, several e-mail address’ are bouncing, which means the information is not reaching the person intended. Continue reading

Ausblick Ski Sale Newsletter – 2013

Ausblick’s 2013 Ski Sale Update

This past Sunday’s Ski Sale was a huge success! Nearly $31,000.00 worth of clothing and equipment was exchanged between sellers and buyers during the two and one half hour sale. And as was the case last year, most of the sales were completed within the first 60-75 minutes of the event. This year it appeared there were more “kids equipment and clothing ” than in previous years, which always is appreciated by anxious buyers.

Ninety six families checked in a total of 1,295 items to be offered at the sale this year, up by 255 items from last year’s sale. Total sales amounted to $30, 950.00 and set a new record for our annual preseason sale event. Equipment taken in for sale is not safety checked, so it would be advisable to have a qualified professional check the functionality and setup up the equipment prior to the beginning of the season. And as a reminder, unsold items should have been picked up immediately after the sale. If you still haven’t done so, please contact Dennis Evinrude at Ausblick and make arrangements for pickup. Items not picked up in the next week will be donated or disposed of. Continue reading

President’s Message – Spring 2013

While the mild temperatures made it challenging to open this season and the rain certainly played a role in ending our season on Sunday, April 7th; overall we enjoyed another very successful ski season. Looking back at the weather charts, weekends were equally split between sun and overcast days, however Wednesday Evenings clearly took the honors with the majority providing clear skies and mild temperatures. As for the bone-chilling cold spells of some previous years; they simply didn’t appear this season.

If the ski runs seemed less crowded this season, it wasn’t for lack of membership and guest attendance. Apparently the newly opened terrain helped diffuse congestion, while inside the lodge the new benches seemed to overcome many of the seating issues previously experienced. Social Events continued to be popular this season, especially the Wednesday Evening we enjoyed live music as a bonus to our popular “Date Night”. Continue reading