Ausblick December 2020 Newsletter

A reminder as we approach opening day

Opening day is nearly upon us and understandably, we’re all excited to have our favorite winter activity available to us, especially this season. Leadership and staff have worked tirelessly to prepare the club; more-so than ever due to the pandemic. The purpose of this newsletter is to remind everyone of a few important issues as we open for the season. General Manager Dennis Evinrude will be sending out more specifics in another message.

Our COVID-19 Plan is posted on the webpage for complete details. I would encourage asking guests to review the document prior to their coming out to the club and having them stop at the front desk to sign our Health Agreement upon arrival. Members whom have already obtained their annual I.D. card should have already executed the document.

Regarding our health, please elect to stay at home if you or a member of your immediate household may be displaying symptoms of COVID. While this may be difficult, keep in mind our staff potentially could be infected and the impact might have serious operational consequences. We need enough healthy staff to remain open so we have a season.

Everyone by now is familiar and hopefully accustom to wearing face coverings, social distancing, using sanitizing stations, etc. Snowsports in itself is a good fit for compliance. Furthermore, while the initial few weeks of the season may be challenging for everyone, we need to keep our eye on the weeks ahead as the temperatures warm and most of us welcome spreading out onto the deck and spend more time on the hill. If we can manage to stay open, our time at the club might become more like a typical mid-late season by late January.

I’ve asked our Ski Patrol to assist lift operations staff in reminding those in line about maintaining social distancing. I’d ask everyone to please understand Patrol and staff requests are intended to keep everyone safe and healthy. Those individuals not willing to comply with our COVID protocols while at Ausblick will be asked to leave the premise.

Social Events will need to be evaluated as we experience the season. Men’s & Ladies Day may be possible with limited attendance, other events might prove possible as we see how effectively the season progresses. We’re committed to have an enjoyable season because we’re optimistic that together we as a club, can adapt, co-operatively keep everyone healthy and safe and add to the friendships and memories we all enjoy as Ausblick Members.

On behalf of the Ausblick Ski Club Board, have a wonderful Christmas Holiday Season,

Bob Turowski – Club President