Welcome Members and Guests

Ausblick Covid-19 Operating Plan

December 2020  Our Covid Plan is available by clicking on the above link. Many people put a lot of work into this plan so please read it carefully and thoroughly. As stated in President Bob’s Newsletter, as conditions change so may  policies. Our membership is full and eager to enjoy this winter.

This is the month that we hopefully move from preparation to operation. Some snowmaking has taken place but much more is needed. A nice cold spell of temperatures below 18 degrees F would make a big difference. Just before our actual opening I will send out a message to the membership on how I expect everyone to behave when arriving at the hill.  Please take time to enjoy the run up to Christmas!!!

Among other duties I just happen to be the membership chair and would be happy to answer questions about our waiting list and our membership process.  If you have questions ABOUT ANYTHING just click on “Contact” at the top of the Home Page and I will get back to you. If you are a member and believe you are not getting Email from Ausblick  please click on “Contact” above and give me your Email address. I will see that you are added to the list.