Waiting List

For those of you who are considering applying, you can expect to wait three to four years based on recent average turnover data.  If you were a childhood member you have “Legacy” status which results in a shorter wait time. Call 262-246-3090 for details on “Legacy” status.

We strongly encourage you to apply. Ausblick is still “the finest private membership ski area in the Midwest” and well worth the wait!

An application fee of $787.50  ($750 + tax) must accompany your application.

The Initiation Fee of $1575.00 ($1500 + tax) will be due with or prior to payment of the first year’s annual dues.

Application  can be filled out and fee paid online Here.

After you join the waiting list you may come skiing or snowboarding one time, free of charge, as Dennis’s guest.  That is our way of saying Thank You!! Just Email him with a request.   AND, please become acquainted with who we are and our heritage by reading our “History page!!!

And, do NOT despair! Our “family” is a very fluid, dynamic group. Some members “retire”, some move away, some go inactive with the intent of possibly rejoining us. We have a rather complex system in place to accommodate, as much as possible, the myriad of situations we face.