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Check here for the latest  from Outside Operations.  Everyday there is activity happening at the hill.  Here you can see some of what goes into making Ausblick the Midwest’s Finest Membership Snowsports Club.

The end is the beginning

Every end to the season is a mix of emotions, reflection on the snow sports we have enjoyed over the past several months, sadness the opportunity for more of the same has come to a close and excitement for the coming  spring/summer season. For the Operations Team it’s a transitional time. During the season the operations side of Ausblick requires our attention 24/7. That is not an exaggeration –  weather, grooming, snowmaking, Lift operation, maintenance and a myriad of other daily occurrences  – all have the team focused day and night on making sure when opening time arrives you have a great experience. Of course getting this all accomplished takes great people  to make it happen and Ausblick has some of the best, most dedicated team members around.  The end of the season has the people who committed themselves to the unique requirements of operating Ausblick begin to settle back into a more ‘regular’ pattern of life and work. It is an end and a beginning for everyone, Members, friends, families, all the people who come to the club for so many different reasons but are united by the unique experience Ausblick offers. We hope you have a great off-season and cannot wait to see everyone when that sweet sound of the snowguns firing up for another season calls our members back to the slopes of Ausblick.

A safe and blessed summer to all.




Run Status Notes
Learning Area Closed Handle Tow operates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Bunny's Run Closed
Hesitation Closed
Long Chute Closed
Big Dipper Closed
Racer's Ruin Closed
Devil's Delight Closed