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Check here for the latest  from Outside Operations.  Everyday there is activity happening at the hill.  Here you can see some of what goes into making Ausblick the Midwest’s Finest Membership Snowsports Club.


The ‘off-season’ can be as busy as the winter season at Ausblick. A regular question received is “What is there to do in the summer”? From general grounds keeping, annual maintenance of our equipment to projects, the list of work is extensive. For any ski area preventative maintenance is key to keeping buildings, snowmaking, grooming, all equipment,  in good operating condition. The investment made in the infrastructure at a ski area is significant and getting longevity and performance out of this equipment is directly related to the care and upkeep of all the systems and machines. Ausblick members have supported the development of assets and amenities to provide an experience that is worthy of the phrase ‘The Midwest’s finest Membership Snow Sports club’. The Team works year round to keep all aspects of Ausblick ready to serve Members, friends and guests each time they visit -Winter or Summer.

So enjoy the warm weather – let us Think Snow, we always do!

Annual Cat Track Maintenance



Run Status Notes
Learning Area Closed Handle Tow operates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Bunny's Run Closed
Hesitation Closed
Long Chute Closed
Big Dipper Closed
Racer's Ruin Closed
Devil's Delight Closed