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Slope Notes!

Check here for the latest  from Outside Operations.  Everyday there is activity happening at the hill.  Here you can see some of what goes into making Ausblick the Midwest’s Finest Membership Snowsports Club.


We had a few days with good temps and the crew went ’round the clock’ to maximize snow output. It looks like we will now see several days of warmer temps. We are moving the snow around, preparing equipment and lifts for the weekend.  Check the here and our home page for updates and keep thinking snow!


Wednesday morning








Run Status Notes
Learning Area Closed Handle Tow operates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Bunny's Run Closed
Hesitation Closed
Long Chute Closed
Big Dipper Closed
Racer's Ruin Closed
Devil's Delight Closed Devil's Delight Closes at Dusk