Ausblick Jan 2021 Newsletter

It’s been just over two weeks since Ausblick has opened for the 2020-21 snowsports season; the holidays are behind us now and with some luck we’ll return to knowing what day of the week it is upon wakening each morning. Holidays have that effect on many of us.

Race camp is over as our Ausblick Race Team begin their competitions, our SnowSports Instructors are on track for a record season and ski terrain and conditions have been outstanding as usual here at Ausblick. Two months ago there was a lot of uncertainty looking forward, however after meeting with staff and spending time at the club myself, there’s no doubt everyone’s working together to make this season as typical and enjoyable as possible. Staff, Leadership and fellow Membership all appreciate everyone’s co-operation. Guests are impressed and have told us so.

Looking forward into January the forecast is much kinder than previous years, which if it doesn’t change will certainly make our lodge limitations less of a potential issue. Within the lodge the table limitations appear to be manageable thanks to our considerate membership. One area needing attention is for everyone to refrain from leaving personal items and boot bags under or on tables while out on the hill. Members looking for an open meal table assume it’s not available and may not have another option. Please store personal items in the cubby storage located by the restrooms or under the benches along the wall while out on the hill.
Luggage tags on boot bags, etc., will be helpful in locating any bags left under tables if they’re stored by management to free up unoccupied tables. Also, placing name & address stickers on equipment is helpful in recovering anything misplaced or mistakenly taken home by someone.

Lift operations are improving as the season progresses. While lines may seem longer, realize that we eliminated the “singles” line, therefore the remaining two lines absorbed those individuals. As the season progresses, the novice skiers & boarders asking for the lift to be slowed should learn to load without the accommodation. Also, there have been a number of younger skiers losing their skis upon loading the chair. If this repeatedly happens, please have the bindings checked. Lastly, it’s important to remind everyone that our policy is to bring down the lift chair restraint bar upon loading. Please inform any guests of the practice.

In spite of the unusual circumstances our snowsports season is faced with this year, one can’t overlook the number of families with children enjoying our club this season. Some of them will be future parents of our club, we already have multi-generational families. With that in mind, please use caution when driving in our parking areas.

Best of Luck to our Race Team in the weeks ahead and Thank You to our Membership and Staff for all your co-operation this season.

Bob Turowski – Club President
Dennis Evinrude – General Manager