Ausblick Nov 2021 Newsletter

Snowflakes have been seen, the Holiday preparation season is upon us, another “opening day” is quickly approaching and this snowsports season will be like no other Ausblick has experienced to date. This season marks TWO huge milestones, that of our Ausblick Ski Club and our General Manager Dennis Evinrude, both celebrating 50 YEARS serving our Membership. Once we’re underway, we’ll be “Sliding through the Decades” with activities, memories and memorabilia to mark the occasion leading up to what everyone anticipates will be Aublick Ski Club’s most memorable celebration and honoring Dennis Evinrude’s 50 years of guiding our development and influencing the experience we all enjoy at our club.

As one might imagine, planning an event as important as our 50th is no small task and to dovetail the uncertainty of mother nature when it comes to scheduled events might prove risky at best. With that in mind, I’ve been informed everyone should watch for communications of events, fun “pop-up” activities, opportunities to purchase Ausblick 50th memorabilia and also how you can provide personal pictures as the season evolves. Our communication channels will be e-mail/constant contact, so please insure we have your correct contact information on file. Social Media will also be a source for some interesting flashbacks over the years, so if you’re not following Ausblick, you might check us out.

Anyone interested in the Ausblick Ski Club history should visit our Webpage at “” for an in depth appreciation of our club’s Interesting beginnings. And while our Ski Club’s story is interesting enough, realizing that General Manager Dennis Evinrude was here from the beginning truly exhibits a dedication to the commitment of building The Finest Membership Ski Club in the Midwest. For generations we have all created Friendships and Memories here at Ausblick and this season I suspect many of the memories will be viewed and talked about as we Slide through the Decades this season. Watch for details coming your way throughout the season.

Bob Turowski – President, Ausblick Ski Club