Ausblick Dec 2021 Newsletter

While we are all looking forward to our record “50th Anniversary Celebration”, who would have ever thought record warm temperatures would be impacting our ability to kick-off our “20-’21 Snowsports season. The above picture may provide some optimism as we look forward to colder weather so Kyle and staff can fire up our snowmaking system. Keep in mind, we’ll need several days of those nights in the low 20’s and below to provide a base sufficient enough to enjoy our Christmas Week and Race camp activities.

Another area being impacted by our weather delayed opening is the 50th. Celebration Planning. While initially certain activities were hoped to be scheduled for an earlier opening day, the Holidays fall on weekends this season which have caused those planning the kick-off to work around Christmas. As it might seem that getting our 50th off the ground is a bit trying to date, let’s hope all the speed bumps are left behind on December 31st because I’m told January 1st is the date to plan to be here for Ausblick Anniversary Celebration kick-off.

50th Anniversary clothing and collectables can be ordered off our website under the Clothing tab and shipped to your home or picked up at Ausblick. Please check it out, there’s some neat stuff to be ordered, however availability may be limited, so shop and order early in the season.

Obviously, some snowsports lessons booked early will need to be rescheduled, so please contact Lynn at or off the Departments Tab on our website.

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding of the delay in opening because of the unusually mild weather. We’re entering that period when we typically open annually, however we may be faced with a week delay this season. While the bright side may be those who haven’t completed their holiday shopping can do so in mild temperatures, at this point it’s looking as though Christmas Week activities are still something to look forward to. And it’s not likely they’ll be in sub-zero temperatures as was the case in the not too distant past.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all.

Bob Turowski

President-Ausblick Ski Club