Ausblick Feb 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Looking back at our first two months of the 2021-22 snowsports season, one might really be looking forward to the rising temperatures and sunny days during the next several weeks of this season. We’ve had some cold, wind, way too many flat light days, plus freezing rain & snow as was the case in last Tuesday’s Men’s Day Event.  Funny thing is those annoying days will quickly become “deck stories” very soon as our spring season approaches bringing us longer daylight, sun and warmer weather to enjoy two rapidly approaching events.

Our annual Ski Patrol Carnival will be held this Sunday, February 27th. Anyone who’s ever attended will attest to the outstanding job our patrol does in hosting an entire day of events our Membership and Guests look forward especially the kids. Parents, keep in mind this is the only fundraiser our patrol stages annually, so please consider purchasing raffle tickets when you arrive. Ask any patroller for details.

And then just two weeks later, our Anniversary Celebration will host an event everyone should consider attending. Saturday, March 12th will be our celebration of Dennis Evinrude’s 50 years as General Manager here at Ausblick. Several notices have already been sent out by the events group, however one cannot understate the planning and work that several people have put into making this a daylong event Dennis will remember forever. There will be presentations beginning at 11:30am, with food & beverage served afterwards followed by the remainder of the day for everyone to visit with Dennis. There’s been a huge outreach effort to locate members going all the way back, so if you’ve been around for a while, don’t be surprised if you reunite with someone from the past.

There have been several questions regarding thoughts of what to get Dennis, should someone want to show their appreciation. After consideration, we decided to provide a “card drop” of some type at the front desk. Anyone can leave a card with a personal message, and if you might be interested in contributing to a Dennis & Cindy 50th Anniversary Vacation, either personally handing the card to Dennis or using the card drop box would be your suggested options. By the end of the 2021-22 season, I’d imagine Dennis will need to do some serious winding down.

Managing to get the snowmaking system completed prior to our 50th Anniversary season, along with all the extra events planned and executed has been overwhelming at times. I would hope March 12th would be an absolutely wonderful and memorable day of recognition for Dennis. Sometimes all it takes is to show up, say Thank You and exchange a few kind words to make one’s day.

March 12th, 10am – 11pm, watch for more reminders and please sign up if you’ll be there for the food & beverage after the presentations at 11:30am.

Bob Turowski
President – Ausblick Ski Club