Dennis Evinrude’s 50th Anniversary Milestone!

On Wednesday evening the Ausblick Board presented our General Manager Dennis Evinrude with a plaque commemorating his 50th anniversary at Ausblick. What many may not understand is that Dennis has been at Ausblick since its inception, a remarkable achievement.

Dennis’ having been here for 50 years says it all. His vision and determination has made Ausblick Ski Area a unique brand; one where family and friends gather, wonderful friendships are developed, lasting memories are made and all while enjoying our love of snowsports.

Word of it has reached social media, prompting my sending this announcement out so that everyone is aware we decided to postpone the “Ausblick Celebration” into the 21-22 season due to any impact the pandemic might have had in limiting attendance while honoring Dennis’ milestone.

There will be a celebration, I expect a huge celebration sometime during the upcoming season.
Please watch for future announcements and along the way, give some thought on how Dennis may have played a small role in your life over the past 50 years. I’m thinking a very large Guest Book may be in order.

Bob Turowski – President, Ausblick Inc.