Ausblick June 2021 Newsletter

Summer seems to have finally arrived. Dennis, Kyle and crew are engaged in off-season club maintenance and preparing for what we all hope is a typical 2021-2022 snowsports season. This past season influenced many families to seek activities outdoors because of related pandemic restrictions. As a result, many guests were introduced to Ausblick Ski Club and the impact to our Waiting List was significant. Furthermore, we experienced 48 Ausblick Memberships that elected to choose Leave of Absence which, for the 2021-2022 Membership renewal, gives them the same re-enrollment status as last season’s active members. I point this out because it presents a potential issue with managing the filling of memberships for the coming season.

Our club By-Laws limit our Family, Associate and Single memberships to 400 active memberships which, along with the 48 Memberships that chose to go “Leave of Absence”, are typically the first wave of invoices sent out the first week in July. To further complicate things, we have 141 applications on the Wait List to join our snowsports club. The purpose of this correspondence is to make everyone aware of the potential that some members may not gain re-entry into the club for the upcoming season if a commitment is not acted upon in a timely manner.

After reviewing what we hope are reasonable options, we’ve decided upon the following to facilitate securing one’s membership for the 2021-2022 snowsports season.

  • All of the previous season’s 400 memberships and those 48 who elected to choose “Leave of Absence” for last season will receive e-mail invoices during the week of June 21st. To secure your membership, a minimum 30% deposit will be required by July 30th, with payment in full invoiced in September and due by October 1st.
  • September 1st, invoices to those on the Waiting List will begin to be sent out on an application date basis, to fill what remaining memberships are still or become available.

While we cannot predict the outcome of our membership renewal drive, we do see the possibility of getting back into the club potentially becoming an issue for those who delay their decision to secure a spot. The 48 on the Leave of Absence List represent nearly 100% of our typical annual turnover. Once we start invoicing the 141 on the Waiting List, available openings will fill quickly.

All invoices will be initially sent out via e-mail. Those that bounce will be sent their invoices via USPS. Invoice payments can be dropped off at Ausblick or by check mailed to Ausblick Inc. P.O. Box 207, Sussex, Wi. 53089. Payment dates will be determined by USPS post mark or date received at Ausblick.

We’re assuming a typical season at this point. The SnowSports School will fine tune programs for further enjoyment, Social Programs will be available and with some good fortune, last season’s pandemic will be simply a conversation among family & friends enjoying our club for yet another snowsports season.

Questions can be directed to Dennis Evinrude, Membership Chair @ 262-246-3090.

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Summer.

Bob Turowski, President – Ausblick Inc.