Fall Newsletter 2017

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well……..

…….. Let’s hope for that trend reversal everyone is talking about.

In preparation for an optimistic season ahead; G.M. Dennis, SnowSports Director Lynn and Kyle along with their support
staff have been busy preparing for the upcoming season. Keep in mind, while the “natural snowfall” is good, all we
need is cold enough weather to make all the snow we need to enjoy everything Ausblick has to offer.

Two pre-season events have already been held within the past couple months. The first ever Ausblick “Bash-in- the-
Grass” was held at the end of August. Designed as a summer event for Members and Guests; 226 people showed up for
the summer outing; pictures are available on the Ausblick web site. Many Thanks to Mike Wichert & Lynn Mallach for
their idea, planning and execution of the event. It was so successful that my guess is there will be another next summer!

The second, our annual Membership Ski Sale was held on October 1st. Weather was awesome, as it typically turns out.
This year we had 64 Members checking in hundreds of snow sports items to be available. In the end, over $16,000
exchanged hands between Members and Guests. My sincere Thanks to all the volunteers, mostly all repeat volunteers
from past season sales. They include: Board Members, Bob Kuelthau, Mark Wierman, Scott Grady, John Siepmann, Mike
Wichert, Mike Guetzke, Rick Ludwig & Jim Stein. Obviously G.M. Dennis and Manager Kyle we’re a large part of the preparedness. Those volunteers whom really make everything run flawlessly include: Lisa Kvool, Ann Phillips, Maureen & Jeff Minor, Megan Mitschrich, Lisa & John Rader, Barb Ludwig, Kathy & Phil Laning, Julie Lawrence, Doug Dralle, Tori
Skaggs, Kristin Kuelthau, Craig Sweinhart and Peter Bartos. And a Special Thanks to Badgerland.org for making
refreshments available during the event. Thank You all and I sincerely hope you’ll be back in the fall of 2018.

In closing, I’d like to remind everyone that has yet to respond to their annual Membership renewal, that our club is
limited to 400 memberships and available openings are filling up. If you wait too long, you may not get in because we
need to close our membership in enough time to have our directories printed, hold new member orientations, etc.
Think snow…… or at least cold weather.

Bob Turowski,
President – Ausblick Ski Club