Annual Application Initiation
Dues Fee Fee
FAMILY $2275.00 $200.00 $750.00
(Includes all immediate Sales Tax 5% $113.75 $10.00 $37.50
family members) $2388.75 $210.00 $787.50
ASSOCIATE $1525.00 $200.00 $750.00

(One Member and a “Designated Person” means the person annually designated by the named member consisting only of the member spouse, one single child in which the named member is the parent or legal guardian, a grandchild of  the named member, or a member s partner who resides in the same household as evidenced by documentation acceptable to the management of the Corporation in ii s sole discretion.) Bylaws 2.01(b) Amended  I 0-24-11

  Annual Application Initiation
Sales Tax 5% $76.25 $10.00 $37.50
$1601.25 $210.00 $787.50
SENIOR $1175.00 $200.00 $750.00
(Individual over 18 Years) Sales Tax 5% $58.75 $10.00 $37.50
$1233.75 $210.00 $787.50
JUNIOR $1175.00 $100.00
{Individual over 12 years under 18) Sales Tax 5% $58.75 $5.00
$1233.75 $105.00
EMERITUS $790.00
(Cal/ for information)- Sales Tax 5% $39.50
Must be a member for 3 years.                             $829.50
CORPORATION $4750.00 $200.00 $750.00
(Callfor information)- Sales Tax 5% $237.50 $10.00 $37.50
$4987.50 $210.00 $787.50


  1. FAMILY membership – Family membership applications will be filled on a space-available basis as follows: I . Existing member transfers – Priority for transfer of membership status is based on Membership
  2. New applicants – Priority is based on the date application is received by Ausblick.
  3. ASSOCIATE – SENIOR – JUNIOR memberships

The available spots shall be filled each year in the following order of priority:

  1. CURRENT ACTIVE CLUB MEMBERS may switch their membership status to another category providing they meet the qualifications and providing there is a Priority will be established by membership date.
  2. APPLICANTS for Associate and Senior membership will be given first priority based on the date application is received by
  3. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIPS will be offered on a space available basis after (within 15 days) filling Associate and Senior Application Fees, in this category only, will be refunded if a membership is not offered within three years ofreceipt of application or when applicant reaches 18th birthday.


An applicant, if eligible, may specify more than one category of membership on his/her application and must prioritize the choices. This application provides instructions for indicating first, second and third choices for multiple category applications. Vacancies in all  membership categories will be filled on the basis of date received and highest priority. EXAMPLE:  Ifafter filling all Family memberships there are still openings in the Associate or Senior categories, the earliest dated applications with Family indicated as # 1 and Associate # 2, an Associate membership would then be offered . ..and so on until the membership categories are filled, or all applications processed.

NOTE: The Board of Directors may change any of the above procedures without prior notification.

Mail your signed application and check for Application Fee and tax, to: Ausblick, Inc. % Membership Committee P. 0. Box 207 Sussex, WI 53089