Ausblick’s May 2018 Newsletter

Ausblick Newsletter

May 2018



What an incredible snowsports season, in several ways. Most notably we set a new “closing day” record by nearly 2 weeks! Further, this season was almost a month longer than last season.  Let’s hope we’re finally reversing the weather trend of the past few years.

To truly appreciate our historical closing day achievement I suggest you visit our website (“”) and click on the Photos tab to view over 100 pictures posted capturing the event. Due to the number of pictures, the gallery is split between “Party and Event”. If you participated, there’s likely a photo of you to prove it.  For those whom have disbelievers that anyone in your family would “pond skim” in alpine skis, …. well, you just have to check out the Event pictures.

Aside from the opportunity to celebrate a record season, Dennis and his staff have expanded our social activities this season in hopes of providing more value to your membership. You may have attended the Wine Tasting, enjoyed Ryan McIntire’s music on a couple Adult Nights, or noticed Ausblick’s increased activity on social media; complete with those great video’s Jordan has been posting. On the snow during the season, you just may have found more variety in snow features, a tunnel with lights (seriously), and Kyle’s Pond, which may become an annual event, weather permitting. And let’s not forget our Snowsports School Program adjustments, Ski Patrol Carnival, Deck Party and all the other events Ausblick hosts for you and your Guests.

The purpose of this newsletter is to recognize Dennis and his staff for another incredible season and to make you aware of a Membership Survey to be sent out in May.  Please take the time to respond.  The last survey was responsible for changing our Saturday schedule and while we cannot implement all suggestions, we are sincerely interested in your input.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed your membership this season.  Our Ski Club certainly has evolved into a Snowsports Club to better define our Membership personality. However, our commitment to Membership Families, Friendships and making lasting memories remains as one of our strengths.  We have several multi-generational families within our membership and that speaks for itself.  Check out those website photo’s and you’ll see what Ausblick is all about.

Bob Turowski-President